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About Us

Our mission is to help industry achieve success through world class lubrication activity.

We place a strong emphasis on Health & Safety and the environment  through reliability driven "Best Practices".

We can help with your lubrication training needs, with your reliability consulting needs, and with a complete lubrication planned maintenance programme design for your plant.

We at KEW Engineering can help your business succeed.

Please see our updated page for our training dates for 2016.

Viscosity Explained

In this article...

  • What is Viscosity? 
  • How is viscosity rated on engine oils? 
  • What is the importance of viscosity in my engine? 
  • What defines an oil’s Viscosity? 
  • How does Temperature affect Viscosity? 
  • What is Viscosity Index (VI)? 
  • What is a multi-grade oil?


Base Oils Explained

In this article...

  • Mineral, Semi-Synthetic or Synthetic base stocks
  • What are the advantages of Synthetics over Mineral oils?
  • What are the downsides to Synthetics?
  • What about Semi-Synthetics?
  • Mineral versus Synthetic
  • What does this API Group rating mean to the user?
  • Will I find this Group Rating easily?
  • Can a Mineral Oil be called Synthetic?


ICMLThe International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) is a vendor-neutral, not-for-profit organization founded to facilitate growth and development of machine lubrication as a technical field of endeavor. Among its various activities, ICML offers skill certification testing for individuals in the fields of machine condition monitoring, lubrication and oil analysis.