About Us

Our Mission...

... is to help industry achieve success through world class lubrication activity.

We place a strong emphasis on Health & Safety and the environment  through reliability driven "Best Practices".

We can help with your lubrication training needs, with your reliability consulting needs, and with a complete lubrication planned maintenance programme design for your plant.

We at KEW Engineering can help your business succeed.


What we do...

More companies are looking at reliability than ever before thanks to the current economic climate. Even more companies are looking specifically at their lubrication strategies thanks to legislation and compliance in H&S and the environment.

Consulting - From product development and instrument design for specialist suppliers to ad-hoc projects on specific problems or projects with end-users.

Lubrication Management & Software Scheduling Tool - We design Lubrication PM Scheduling and Best Practice Procedures for blue chip industrial companies utilising our own lubrication software scheduling tool.

Training - KEW Engineering Ltd offers reliability training classes with an emphasis on lubrication, oil analysis and contamination control.

But if you are struggling to understand a lubricant data sheet or to interpret an oil analysis report, then you need to attend KEW Engineering Ltd's new courses.

Reliability is the focus of the courses offered by KEW Engineering Ltd. The training not only promotes the need for best practices in lubrication and condition monitoring, but also shows how to achieve world class standards.

The training is flexible and topics can be selected to suit your needs, and tailored to fit your time frame. Courses can be provided either on-site or in public venues. In addition, the courses follow the body of knowledge for the International Council for Machinery Lubrication examinations.